Russian chick stood up doggy style for outdoor sex

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    Russians Outdoors POV
    Bilafri, who arrived at the country cottage for the summer at 00:11, is sunbathing in the fresh air and still notices a neighbors friend who is spying on a half-naked beauty. Sincerely wanting sex, the girl at 00:23 offers to give a blowjob and almost immediately the guy agrees. At 01:07 she starts sucking a mans cock, and already at 03:41 a friend puts her neighbor on four points and drives a rather big dick from the back position. Being a big fan of this type of intercourse, the girl ends more than once, but does not advertise her emotions much. At 08:51, the girlfriend spreads her legs to make it easier for the dude to access her sweet pussy, and only at 11:07 does the friend hear words of gratitude from the girl. Well, this is how city heifers rest in the country.