Russian chick takes a sex break to take a break from work

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    Russians POV
    Extra money is not lying on the road, so the teacher of the Moscow University Valeria Ivanovna quite comes to a simple foreign guys home to teach him Russian at 00:19. Doing the homework of a beautiful teacher, student Mark watched a film in Russian, but did not quite understand what it was about, and he tells his teacher about it at 01:12. But she concludes that the guy just wants to fuck her and therefore undresses at 02:03, because he wants the same. Without further ado, the teacher takes off the dudes pants at 02:45 and starts sucking his dick until the lad puts her on the sofa and fucks her twice at 07:05. In conclusion, she licks the guys balls and sucks a cock so that at 13:01 he cums on the face of a pretty teacher.