Tattooed bitch enjoys double penetration

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    This girl with purple hair, when she first met a guy, honestly said that her pussy was tastier than honey gingerbread and immediately gave it a try at 04:18. Well, the guy tried it and said that it was all garbage, but just in case he brought a friend from 13:31, with whom he enjoyed the beauty in group porn with double penetration, which began at 25:40 and here it is noticeable that at 27:11 this is the penetration of two members into the vagina, and not according to the classics of the genre. So you can even fuck Valerika in chorus and look how cool the penis slipped out of the vagina at 28:54, it’s crowded there together, but licking is not recommended for ethical reasons. And once again double penetration into the vagina at 36:53, stupidity of course. I wonder who the second long member is, write in the comments, maybe someone found out?